Discipleship lies at the heart of the Christian LIFE:


  • Leading people to Jesus.

  • Involvement in the church family.

  • Following Jesus together.

  • Engaging the world.


We want each person at Woodlawn to grow spiritually mature in Christ. Spiritual growth happens best in the context of relationships with fellow believers. Our Sunday morning gathering (rows) provides worship and teaching, but experiencing a growing faith and the love of God in smaller groups (circles) creates opportunity to walk alongside one another through the ups and downs of life. That's why it's important to move from rows to circles where we can follow Jesus together as His disciples. In rows, you are encouraged and equipped to live your life for Jesus. In circles, you are stuck like glue to what you need most when life gets hard: God and each other.


Disciple Groups become a gathering of friends who support and challenge each other to become more like Jesus by growing in three important relationships:


  • Up - Our relationship with God

  • In - Our relationship with each other

  • Out - Our relationship with non-Christian friends and neighbors


We want to move from rows to circles and from circles to service, growing in our Up, In, and Out relationships. In a Disciple Group you will discover the best way to live life is through Christ, with other Christians, on a mission.


Disciple Groups meet throughout the week at various times and locations. If you are interested in participating in one of the groups listed below or would like to start a conversation about finding the right one for you, let us know at the Connection Center or submit the web-form at the bottom of the page.



South Knoxville area: Brian Trammel, leader; Brian and Mary Gross, hosts

South Knoxville area: Bo Boaz, leader and host

John Sevier area: Dwayne Curry, leader ; Dwayne and Tia Curry, hosts



South Knoxville area (church): David Reid and Vance Tibbetts, leaders and hosts

John Sevier area: Bryan and April Smith, leaders and hosts (Pitch-in Dinner)

Tipton Station area: Valdecy DaSilva, leader; Valdecy and Myrna DaSilva, hosts (Latino Group)



Seymour area: Charles Beckett and Jerry Everett, leaders; Charles and Mary Beckett, hosts

Kimberlin Heights area: Dean Davis, leader; Charlie & Marie Hathaway, hosts

Kimberlin Heights area: Doug Karnes, leader; Doug and Rita Karnes, hosts



North Knoxville area: Mark Pierce, leader; Emily Stout, host


"From [Christ] the whole body, joined and held together by every supporting ligament, grows and builds itself up in love, as each part does its work."   -Ephesians 4:16