For Parents

Research shows that as a parent, the average amount of weekly time you spend with your children is 20-30 times more than any pastor or ministry volunteer. It has been shown to be abundantly clear through studies that even when students are plugged into healthy church ministries, parents still have the largest impact on the spiritual development of their children

What all of this means is that parents are the most effective "youth pastors" for their children. At Woodlawn, we firmly believe that part of our responsibility is walking alongside parents so that they can equip themselves with the necessary tools to be able to nurture the spiritual growth of their students.

The best part is that you don't have to wait until you have a bible degree to have meaningful conversations with your children about God and the bible. While we want to equip you with ways to inform and prepare yourself for these conversations, God has already equipped his followers with his Spirit. That means that if you're trying to faithfully follow Him, you already have the most indispensable resource at your fingertips: the Holy Spirit.

Therefore, we pray that as you navigate these resources that the Spirit would lead you with boldness and humility to start having meaningful spiritual conversations with your children today.

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The Bible Project

The Bible Project is a Christian group whose goal is to help reveal the truths of Scripture in thought-provoking ways.

In addition to their informative podcasts, their website has a collection of videos that dive into understanding individual books as well as overarching themes found in Scripture.

They also have a free online class called Classroom Beta for anyone interested in taking a course that dives into "How to understand the Old Testament."

RightNow Media

RightNow Media has been described as "a Netflix for Christian Bible Studies." With over 20,000 video studies for all ages to choose from, there's sure to be something that will enhance your spiritual life or the spiritual life of your family.

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The Chosen

If you're looking for your next "family night" series to binge, look no further than The Chosen. This is a television series that takes a serious look into the life of Christ. This would be a great starting point for high-school-age-kids who are interested in knowing more about Jesus. 

The website also offers studies that are suitable for small groups or families.

Please note: this show is probably too intense for children. 

Reasonable Faith

This website is a source for Christian Apologetics. There are videos, podcasts, and writings that can help wrestling believers (you and your teens!) reconcile doubts with what the Bible and Christianity present as truth.

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